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  1. The Calculator: The eJuice Calculator gives you easy access to formulate custom "e-liquid" for your Electronic Cigarette. eJuice Calculator takes the guesswork out of mixing, lowering your nicotine, and changing formulas (PG/VG base liquid).

  1. Recipe Database: The eJuice recipe database is populated with a few of our favorite eJuice recipes with the ability to Add/Modify/Delete recipes of your own.

  1. Stores: Shop Online with Quality Vendors, get Vendor news, video reviews, new products, and links to social networks.

  1. The Community: Quitting Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to break. eJuice has a wealth of information available at your finger tips. The Community offers a mobile, fast and easy way to...

  2. a.View recent posts to the most Popular & Friendly Forums

  3. b. Videos and Radio Streaming

  4. c.Flavor Guide: DIY Flavors for Mixing your own "e-liquid" and more...


eJuice works with any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads running iOS version 5.0 software or later.

WiFi, Edge, 3G, 4G/LTE Data Network required to use the Community Features
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people have downloaded eJuice? Current download figures show 50 - 350 downloads daily. 
How much traffic to the community view (Stores, forums, multimedia, etc.) Daily traffic does vary, but we are seeing 1,200 to 3,000 views of the Store and Community views and continues to grow. 
What people say about the eJuice app? Check out the reviews in the iTunes App Store...

“I had no idea some of these vendors existed, found some great prices thanks to eJuice!”  Greg F.

“God bless your smart little heart! I adore this app!”   Cateland W.

“I love this little app. It is easy to use and the recipes are delicious! I am glad that the app includes a list of vendors and a list of vapor forums”  Laura737

“I absolutely love this app. It is very useful for the novice and a skilled craftsman of the e juice community. I only hope that more people in the vapor community submit their recipes.”   Chartreuse Freak

”Just what every vaper needs! Highly recommended.” Warwick5

eJuice gives you easy access to formulate custom "e-liquid" for your Electronic Cigarette.  eJuice takes the guesswork out of mixing, lowering your nicotine content, and changing formulas (PG or VG base liquid). eJuice also provides the ability to store your recipes, we included a few, but you can add as many as you want!

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